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Estate Planning and Probate
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Our Firm’s Philosophy

We take complex legal issues and distill them to plain English so that our clients have a complete understanding of their options. We work with clients to develop a team-based strategy that is efficient and effective.
Our Firm’s Philosophy

Skilled And Comprehensive Divorce Representation

At Osborn Law Firm, P.C., we aim to make the divorce process less stressful while advocating for your best interests. We provide skilled service in uncontested and litigated marital dissolutions and are knowledgeable regarding military divorces. We work hard to resolve child conservatorship and support matters both during and after your divorce.

Trusted And Strategic Estate Planning And Probate Administration

If you desire to plan your estate to both attain peace of mind and optimize tax advantages for you and your loved ones, Osborn Law Firm, P.C. is your source for sophisticated estate planning. Our probate administration services ensure that no detail is overlooked in the settling of an estate.


Excerpts from online reviews from former clients

Honest, caring and hard working

“I would definitely recommend.”– Former  Litigation Client

A very talented lawyer

“Highly recommended.”– Former Divorce Client

Caring, professional, & experienced

“An amazing litigator.”– Former Probate Client

Very professional

“And most of all very caring.”– Former Family Law Client


A brilliant legal team.”– Former Litigation Client

He went to bat for me

“I have nothing to say but the very best.”– Former Appeals Client