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Questions to ask a divorce attorney

On Behalf of | May 27, 2022 | Divorce |

Divorce involves legal proceedings that dissolve a marriage, restoring the spouses to single status. During divorce negotiations or trials, other matters may include child custody, asset distribution, and even protection orders. Texas laws govern all elements of a divorce, and spouses might benefit from hiring an attorney who best suits them. Asking pertinent questions during an initial meeting with an attorney could assist with making the right choice for representation.

Questions during the consultation

Asking questions about the attorney’s experience may be helpful. An attorney who handled a significant number of divorce cases could instill confidence in a would-be client. Not every case involves a trial, either. Collaborative divorces may end a union far more amicably than a drawn-out trial. Determining how many collaborative cases the attorney handles may be wise.

Likely, a client wants to exit divorce proceedings with an acceptable financial settlement. Each party may seek what is in their best interests, so an attorney might need to handle negotiations expertly. Asking about negotiation skills and tactics could further instill confidence.

Removing questions and concerns

There are several potential benefits to asking appropriate questions of a divorce attorney. Generally, queries and subsequent clear answers assist with providing clarity to a potential client. Someone filing for divorce for the first time might only have a vague idea about the process. A question-and-answer session may paint a better picture of what to expect and what is required.

A potential client may ask about the attorney’s workload or who else might be working on the case. Determining when it is possible to contact the attorney and how to reach them seems important. Ultimately, it may be wise to ask as many pertinent questions as possible when seeking representation.