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Creating a summer parenting schedule

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Child Custody, Family Law |

Getting ready for the summer months means figuring out a new parenting schedule if you are a divorced or separated parent in Texas. While the rest of the year usually follows a set schedule of either shared custody time or custody and visitation, summer usually requires some adjustments to the parenting plan.

Make it about the children

The summer parenting plan might not necessarily be to your complete liking. However, it should be made thinking of the children’s emotional well-being, and this might sometimes conflict with what you would ideally prefer. Your own emotional well-being is also important, and this might be best protected by negotiating with the other parent and being flexible about how the time is divided between the two of you.

Summer parenting time usually looks different from the rest of the year

Since children are out of school, and there might be plans for camps or travel, the way parenting time is divided in the summer might be very different from your regular custody schedule. In some cases, each parent might have several consecutive weeks with the children, which might be very hard for the other parent since they will not see their children. There might be time set aside for grandparents and extended family, and there might be vacations scheduled. To avoid conflict when it comes to the summer parenting plan, you should include many of these details in your parenting agreement. Some of the details include:

• How the parenting time will be divided during the summer

• Where and when drop-offs and pick-ups will take place

• How travel arrangements will be made

• How the family will communicate, particularly when there is traveling involved

Thinking ahead about the summer and making provisions for the difference in scheduling will help the family move seamlessly into the summer. It will also help prevent conflicts between the parents that might affect the children.