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Saving You Stress In Child Conservatorship And Support Issues

Child custody – or, as we refer to it in Texas, child conservatorship – is easily one of the most contested issues in divorce. Child support can also become contentious very quickly. When you have an attorney on your side to advocate for you, they can streamline the legal process and save you a great deal of stress.

We at Osborn Law Firm, P.C., understand the emotional aspects of child conservatorship and support firsthand. Our attorney, Christopher D. Osborn, helps clients throughout Texas find efficient solutions to their family law problems. Throughout your custody matters, our priority is to save you stress, help you understand the law and put your children’s best interests first.

When Can I Obtain A Post-Decree Modification?

Life rarely remains the same for years on end. If you encounter a major change in your life circumstances, you can petition the court for a post-judgment modification regarding conservatorship or child support. You may seek a modification for circumstances such as:

  • Relocation of one or both parents
  • Loss of a job
  • Increase or decrease in income
  • Change in the child’s needs
  • Change in insurance coverage

We can sit down with you to determine whether your life circumstances warrant a petition for modification. If so, we will work with you to file the correct documentation, represent you at your hearing and help you seek the adjustments you need.

Discuss Your Circumstances In Detail

Without a doubt, child conservatorship and support battles can be stressful. When you work with Osborn Law Firm, P.C., we will do everything in our power to reduce this stress. To discuss you and your children’s needs in-depth, schedule an initial consultation at our Taylor office. Call 512-275-6593 or send us an email.